Instrument Rental


Rental of violins, violas, cellos and contrabasses in all


  1/2-violin and smaller   CHF 25.-
  3/4-violin   CHF 28.- to CHF 36.-
  4/4-violin from CHF 40.-
  1/2-viola   CHF 28.- bis CHF 36.-
  3/4-viola   CHF 40.-
  4/4-viola from CHF 45.-
  1/4-cello from CHF 40.-
  1/2-cello from CHF 45.-
  3/4-cello from CHF 55.-
  7/8-cello from CHF 65.-
  4/4-cello from CHF 75.-
  1/4-contrabass or smaller   CHF 60.-
  1/2 bis 3/4-contrabass from CHF 65.-

Bow and case (or cover) included


Rent is due on the first of each month
Cancellation requires 2 months notice
Damages will be the responsibility of the renter
Up to one year's rent may be applied to buying the instrument
The rental period is unlimited
Prices include sales taxes